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The Wizard of Oz Experience 2011
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I went to see the wonderful Wizard of Oz starring Michael as the Wizard, Professor Marvel, the doorman, and tour guide on Saturday, July 9th and Sunday, July 10th in London, England at the Palladium Theatre. It was my first time seeing him on the stage in a show. I met him in Long Beach, CA at the Sailing into Summer event through his fan club the MCIFA. It was wonderful and I won’t ever forget it. It was an experience that will be close to my heart always.

On Saturday, I was dressed up for the Emerald City in my emerald green dress. I was all ready for the wonderful show that night. My seat for Saturday was in the Stalls on Row B on the right side of the stage. I could see Michael very well from the view. The disappointing thing about it was I could not see the yellow brick road, the Wicked Witch of the East under Dorothy’s house, and Toto. I could only see Toto when Dorothy was holding him in her arms. The show was wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of it. Michael was amazing and funny in the show. This show was so much fun. The audience was chapping along with some of the faster songs like Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Danielle Hope was amazing in the show as well. She won a reality competition called Over the Rainbow in the UK to play Dorothy in this production. All of the performers were amazing. The Wicked Witch was great. After the show was over, Danielle came out at the front to sign autographs and pose for photos with fans. She was really sweet. She signed my program from the show. I told her to give Toto a hug for me, and she said she would. Michael did not come out that night because his throat was sore, and he wanted to be well rested for the MCIFA 20th Anniversary Members Only Event the next day.

On Sunday, I attended a special MCIFA 20th Anniversary Members Only Event with Michael. He shared some of his stories about the past 20 years with the fan club. He was so funny and charming during the whole members’ event.

The show on Sunday was even better than Saturday. My seat was a whole lot better; it was in Row H in the Stalls. I had my hair braided in pigtails. I looked the part of Dorothy for sure. I had my ruby shoes on as well. I was well prepared for this show. It was a lot of fun. Michael was just as great as on Saturday night in my opinion. I can tell he really enjoys being in this show. My favorite scene with Michael was “The Wonders of the World.” I especially loved it when he acted like Frank Spencer during the song when a picture of indecent lady came on the screen. He was in Frank mode for sure. He tried to cover up Dorothy’s face with his coat. He said, “That was from my private collection.” I also enjoyed “Bring me the Broomstick.” His voice during the last note was amazing. The whole show was great. I recommend it to everyone who is a fan of Michael’s and the Wizard of Oz.

After the show on Sunday, I met Michael again. I asked him, “Did he remember who I was?” , and he said “yes”. I was so happy he remembered me. He signed my program from the show. I had him sign the photo of the doorman. He was so funny during this scene. I loved how he said, “Who rang that bell?”

I had a wonderful and amazing time seeing Michael in the show. The show was wonderful, and I’m happy I got to see it twice while in London.

With Danielle Hope (Dorothy)

Michael and me.

Michael and me!

Video of me meeting Michael.

Courtesy of 575goofy.

"May Your Hopes and Dreams Always Be Carried on Eagles' Wings"-Michael Crawford