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With my Dipolma

I’m very blessed to be a fan of Michael’s. He’s a very caring person to his fans.  How many fans can actually say their favorite star is caring to them?  I know for a fact Michael is very caring to his fans; he gave me encouragement when I was having major problems with obtaining my GED.  He gave me advice that will stay with me through my educational career. I would like to tell you what he told me. It’s a story that is very special.


First of all, I quit high school several years ago, and thought it would be best if I got my GED. I was very un-motivated and didn’t feel confident in my abilities when I first started studying for the GED tests. I had major fears about failing and falling flat of my face.  I thought I would fail the moment I took the tests. I wanted to tell someone about the fears I was having about the GED.  As a result, I decided to write Michael a letter.


In November 2005, I wrote the letter that would change my life. I told Michael about my fears I was having about the test. I also told him I was sure I would fail the moment I took the test. The test scared me a lot, and I thought he would understand my fears.  I asked him to give me advice. I told him it didn’t have to be much. All I wanted to hear was, “Lisa, You Can Do It.”


On the day of February 9th, 2006, my prayer was answered. I still remember going to the mailbox, and seeing Michael’s letter waiting inside of the box. I didn’t expect it would arrive so soon. The minute I read the letter, I started to cry happy tears of joy. Michael told me everything I wanted to hear. He told me not to be scared, and that I would do brilliantly on the test. On the picture he gave me, he wrote, “To Lisa, You Can Do It, With Love, Michael Crawford.” After receiving his encouraging note, I knew I could obtain my GED.


Michael was right; I did do brilliantly on the test.  I received my GED in November 2007. I’m very happy to have my GED and now am able to move on.  I owe Michael a debt of gratitude for helping me. He gave me so much encouragement at a time when I really needed it. The letter pushed me to obtain my GED. It changed my life completely.


I’m currently a freshman in college; I’m in a one year program with Computers at a Technical college nearby my hometown. If it wasn’t for the letter from Michael, I wouldn’t be in college right now.  My next goal is to see Michael in concert, and tell him I did it. Being able to tell him in person about obtaining my GED will be the best reward I could ever receive. Thank you Michael!!!


Written in 2008
UPDATE: My dream came true. I met Michael on June 14th, 2009!!:)

"May Your Hopes and Dreams Always Be Carried on Eagles' Wings"-Michael Crawford