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My Picture from Michael

Michael is a wonderful person I'll never forget. You may ask why I won't ever forget him? He's a very special person who led his helping hand out to a young girl who needed help. He helped me during a time I needed motivation and confidence about obtaining my GED dipolma.

During the month of November 2005, I wrote him a letter about my GED. I told him I didn't have confidence or motivation in myself. I didn't feel very well about passing the GED tests. I thought Michael was the only option for me about feeling well about the GED.

On the day of February 8th , 2006 , I was surprised by a letter from a special person. It was a letter from Michael. When I saw the envelope in the mailbox, I started to cry. I knew even before I read the letter, my educational life was going to change. I opened the letter in my room and started to read it. Reading the letter gave me hope, confidence , and motivation. He told me everything I wanted to hear.

Hearing from Michael made a difference for me about my GED. Writing me the wonderful letter he did helped me. The letter is very special. I have read it over and over again since I received it. I know every word he told me. He gave me encouragement at a time I needed it the most.

My life has changed a lot since I received the letter from Michael. I won't ever forget the help he gave me. His wonderful words will be with me all during my preparing for the GED tests. I'm looking forward to the day I tell him I did it.  Thank you Michael for helping me.

Written in 2006.

"May Your Hopes and Dreams Always Be Carried on Eagles' Wings"-Michael Crawford