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About me

About me
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Phantom at Her Majesty's Theatre 2011
Michael Crawford in The Wizard of Oz 2011
My Phantom Birthday in LA 2010
Phantom in Atlanta 2010
Phantom in Orlando 2010
Meeting Michael Crawford 2009
Phantom in Atlanta 2005
Sarah Brightman in Concert 2004

Name: Lisa
I'm from Georgia, USA.
Birthday: October 7th
Phan Anniversary: October 1st, 2001
How many times have I've seen Phantom? 5 times.
9/24/05-The Fox Theatre in Atlanta,GA.
2/05/10-The Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando,FL.
7/10/10-The Fox Theatre in Atlanta,GA.
10/07/10-The Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles,CA.
7/12/11- Her Majesty's Theatre in London
My Top 3 Favorite Phantoms

Michael Crawford


Tim Martin Gleason

John Owen-Jones

My Top 3 Favorite Raouls

raoulny.jpg image by Lisa98                   

    Steve Barton          Sean MacLaughlin           Will Barratt

My Top 3 Favorite Christines


Sarah Brightman           Sofia Escobar    Kelly Jeanne Grant

My favorite songs from Phantom are "The Music of the Night" , "The Phantom of the Opera", "Point of no Return" , "Wandering Child",  and "All I Ask of You."
Favorite moments in the show?  The kiss at the end.  I cried every time at the end of the show when Christine leaves the Phantom.  The Christine "I love yous" make me cry each time.   In London, my favorite moment was when The Phantom caught Christine when she fainted, and during Wandering Child, The Phantom, Christine and Raoul sing the song together.

"Help me make the Music of the Night."