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Sarah Brightman in Concert 2004

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Sarah Brightman in Concert 2004

On January 19th , 2004, I went to see Sarah with my sisters Laura and Susanne.. It was truly an wonderful night for us all in Atlanta that night.. When we arrived to the arena, there were lines waiting at the front of the doors of the Arena. I was so very excited!! This was my very first Sarah concert .. Don't you think I should be excited?

When we arrived into the arena and found our seats.. We sitted there and chatted for a while about Sarah .. We couldn't believe we were going to see the Original Christine in Phantom of the Opera that sang with Michael Crawford and Steve Barton. It was an amazing feeling thinking about that..

When the concert finally started, We were so very happy!! The show was amazing!! I think it's even better than La Luna! The lights were perfect, the singing was great, including the Great Sarah and she has NOT LOST Her VOICE!! She's even better than ever! She has truly improved since her Phantom days.. I also loved the effects in the concert.. Everything looked so very wonderful!! The people who setted it up are really amazing for building up this for us great fans of Sarah's..

My favorite parts of the concert would be when she sang "What A Wonderful World." She got onto an swing and the bellydancers were pulling her by some rope, I believe. My other favorite part was when she sang the Phantom of the Opera part... It was so very wonderful!! It was the best part of the concert!! I love Phantom so much, that's probably why I think that.. Also, when the Phantom overture came on,I Shouted out "The Phantom rocks!!" I was so very excited to hear the music from my favorite musical!

The milestone for the concert was at the end of the concert!! It was worth the wait for it!! She sang "A Question of Honour." She flew in this one and it was so cool! That is really cool how they did that. I'm sure Sarah is used to doing that now.. I guess she doesn't get sick easily, like someone like me would.

The Concert was amazing!! You all should go and see it!! Don't miss out on this wonderful concert! When the show was over, I shouted out , "GO SARAH!!" She's amazing

"Help me make the Music of the Night."