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My Phantom Birthday in LA 2010

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My Phantom Birthday in LA 2010
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Farewell? How can you say goodbye to a company that has been very special to you? The Phantom of the Opera “Music Box” Company US Tour has been very special to me. My first time seeing the show was on September 24th, 2005 in Atlanta and my last time was on my 25th birthday on October 7th, 2010 in Los Angeles. Kim Stengel and D.C. Anderson were the only cast members that were still in the show when I first saw Phantom in Atlanta back in 2005. All of the cast members are very special to me. I’m very happy I got to see a husband and wife Phantom and Elizabeth Southard in 2005. Kelly Grant, The Alternate Christine, has been very helpful to me with getting stage door directions and writing to me. D.C. Anderson gave me a backstage tour in Orlando 2010.I’ve seen the show four times on the tour. Each performance meant the world to me. The most special thing was that I saw Phantom on my 25th birthday in Los Angeles.

I attended the farewell stop of Phantom on October 7th, 2010, at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, on my 25th birthday, with my friend Pamela. The Pantages Theatre was very beautiful; we sat in the center section of the balcony. We had a great view. It was probably one of the best seats I’ve ever had because I could see everything. The cast was amazing as ever. It was my first time seeing Trista Moldovan performs as Christine in the show. I thought she was great. She had a great voice. Tim Martin Gleason was as amazing as always playing The Phantom. It was my third time seeing him play the role. He’s my favorite Phantom next to Michael Crawford. Sean MacLaughlin, D.C. Anderson, Michael McCoy, Luke Grooms, Kim Stengel, Nancy Hess and Paloma Garcia-Lee were amazing as well. The entire cast was amazing.

I always cry when The Phantom says “I love you” at the end. Of course, I cried during it. Tim had the softest “I love yous”. It made me cry each time I’ve seen the show. Thank you Tim for making this phan girl cry at the ending of Phantom.

It’s sad that I won’t ever get to see this amazing cast together again. They were amazing. They are my favorite cast that I’ve ever seen. I’m very happy to have supported and followed them through the closing of the tour. They mean the world to me. It was very special spending my birthday with them. It’s not like every day you can see your favorite cast on your birthday. I’m happy I could spend it with them. Thank you The Phantom of the Opera US Tour

(The Phantom Truck)

(The Back of the Truck)

(The view from the street of the truck)

(Phantom Display at the theatre)

(Me with the Phantom)

(Me with the Phantom)

(Sign at the theatre)


With Paloma Garcia-Lee

With Michael McCoy

With Sean MacLaughlin

With Kim Stengel

With Nancy Hess

With Luke Grooms

With D.C. Anderson

"Help me make the Music of the Night."