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Phantom at Her Majesty's Theatre 2011

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Phantom at Her Majesty's Theatre 2011
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On July 12th, 2011, I attended a performance of the Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London.  I could not believe I was there at the theatre where the show began. It was amazing just being in the theatre surrounded by the stage.  The theatre was very beautiful.  My seat was in the 3rd level balcony.  It was a great view, and I could see everything from my seat.  It was my 5th time seeing the show and I was not disappointed at all.  It was amazing beyond words!

First of all, I saw John Owen-Jones as the Phantom, and he was amazing.  His voice and acting was outstanding and breathtaking.  My favorite scene with him was during the Music of the Night. He gave a great performance during this number. I loved the fact that he caught Christine when she fainted when she sees the Mirror Bride. I was on the edge of my seat. It was very romantic.

Sofia Escobar played Christine, and she was amazing. Her voice was very young and beautiful.   I have been talking to her on Facebook for a while now.  I wanted to see her when performed the role.  I thought she was great as Christine.  Her performance of “Wishing you were somehow here again” was amazing.  The crowd gave her a huge applauds after she finished the song.

Will Barratt played Raoul, and he was amazing too.  I loved his scene with Christine during “All I ask of you”.  He has a very beautiful voice, and I loved him as Raoul. The song was romantic.  Will and Sofia were amazing during this scene.  I loved every minute of it.   I haven’t ever noticed before during the beginning of the show at the auction that Old Raoul makes out he is sick.  Will made him cough during it, and it was very believable that he was old and sick.

The three main leads were amazing.  The best part with all three of them was during Wandering Child.  I was very surprised when they started singing the trio from the original cast recording. I did not know they were going to sing it together.  I was completely surprised. I loved it, and it was so amazing. Finally, the final lair scene where Christine leaves the Phantom made me cry.  John didn’t say the “Christine I love yous” 3 times like on the US tour when Christine and Raoul leave on the boat while singing.   He cried during this scene and it was touching.   At the end of the show, the whole cast bowed twice.  The curtain went down and then they came back bowed again.  The whole house went wild for them!!

After the show was over, I waited at the stage door for Sofia, Will and John.  Sofia and Will both knew I was.  I am friends with both of them on Facebook and have been talking to them as well.  They signed my program and left personal messages inside of it.  They were very sweet.  Will stay around talked to me for a while and he told he met Michael Crawford at the 10,000th performance back in October 2011.  He had great words to say about him.  John was the last one to come out, and he was very sweet too.  He signed my program as well. I told him he was awesome as the Phantom.

I had a great time at Phantom in London.  I won’t ever forget it.  Thank you to Sofia, Will and John for the great night!


I'm at my seat at Phantom!:)

Her Majesty's Theatre celebrating 25 years of Phantom


(Under the sign)


With the Cast at the Stage Door

(With Will)

(Will signing my program)

(With Sofia)

(Phans with Sofia and Will)

(With John Owen-Jones)

"Help me make the Music of the Night."