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Phantom in Atlanta 2005
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Phantom in Atlanta 2005
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On September 24th at 2pm , I saw Phantom for the first time. I saw the show in Atlanta, Georgia at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. It was a dream come true seeing my favorite musical.

Let me start off this review with how I became a phan of this wonderful musical. My sister saw Phantom back four years ago at the same theatre I saw the show at. When my sister came back from the show , I listened to the Original London Casting recording . After listening to the cd , I was hooked on Phantom and especially Michael Crawford , who played The Phantom on the Original Cast. It has been four years since my sister saw the show and now it was my turn in seeing it.

On The Saturday matinee , I saw Gary Mauer as the Phantom , Elizabeth Southard as Christine , and John Cudia as Raoul. I was so very happy to have seen all three of them perform , especially Gary and his wife Elizabeth( her nickname is Beth) . I always wanted to see them perform together. Their performance was beautiful. I thought it was very romantic that they played Phantom and Christine together.

The show was perfect. It was everything I imagined it would be. My favorite scenes were Think of Me , Phantom of the Opera , Music of the Night , Point of No Return and All I ask of you. Every scene was wonderful. I cried during the Christine, I love yous. I always cry during that part. If I was Christine , I would leave Raoul and go back to the Man I loved.

The people of Atlanta were crazy for this show. I didn’t see one empty seat in the theatre. Bravo US tour!

Sadly, I didn’t get to meet any of the cast. I really wanted to , and it made me upset about not meeting Gary , Beth and the Company. I have good news though. After being upset about not meeting Gary and Beth , I opened up my email, and saw two emails from the Mauers Online. I opened the emails and it was from Gary. I was so very happy. I was crying tears of happiness when I read the two emails he sent me. He said he thought he met me. I really hope next time, I can get to meet him and give him a big hug for those two emails. Thank you , Gary!

The show was wonderful. I think every phan should see this amazing cast. I won’t ever forget seeing this show.

"Help me make the Music of the Night."