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About Louis
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Full name: Louis Alexander
Nickname: Ruffy
Breed: Toy Poodle
Color: Apricot
Age: 3

Louis is a proud member of the AKC( American Kennel Club) .

Louis is from the great state of Georgia. He's a little Georgia Peach dog..  He is owned  by his lovely owners from Georgia.

Louis likes playing outside,  sleeping with his blue blanket , being cute , barking , eating , chewing on anything he can get  and of course playing with his favorite toys The Snake and his Puppy Dog..

Louis Liks Cats and they like him back too!!  Very strange..  I don't think they know what he is due to the fact that he's very small and about their size.

His dislikes are his red sweater. He hates it!!! He growls so much when he sees it coming.. He'll put up an fight when you try to put it on him. He doesn't like taking baths  and He used to hate his cage, but he loves it now.. 

Louis is an very sweet dog!  He's one of the best!!  Can you believe that little thing would growl?   Don't let that cute face fool

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